Nature Preserve jewelry – Acorn necklace

Acorn necklace or how it all began:

The Acorn necklace was the first jewelry i ever made, and still it’s my best seller, and the one piece I’m most proud of. After Rebuilding a natural spring in the Jerusalem forest with my friends, i wanted to make a souvenir for all of us, to remember that amazing project.
the first acorns where collected around that spring area, and plated in silver to preserve them for ever, and to make them a beautiful wearable nature jewelry.

After selling a few units i noticed two things, first was the amazing accuracy of my plating technique, the smallest details where kept fully, and even more visible due to the metal plating. the other thing i noticed was how much people like it, you see alot of acorn necklaces and nature inspired jewelry, but they all are imitations of the real thing, and that acorn necklace was the real thing! preserved in silver or gold, and the difference is highly visible. The small details gives it the real natural look and make it such a unique jewelry. Those insights lad me to think of nature’s more complex shapes and textures, and was the beginning for all the different jewelry you can see here :

After a few years of selling those necklaces, i was contacted by a US costumer, telling me that for him and his girlfriend, acorns are a sign for their love. which i find beautiful, but he also said they had a different kind of acorns around their house. We decided he will send me their acorns, and after i shipped them back preserved in gold and on a necklace, he used that acorn necklace i made, for his Marriage proposal, and she said yes!

The Acorn necklace is still sold, in a few variations : Gold Acorn necklace, Silver Acorn necklace, small\medium\big acorns, and the statement jewelry piece of three acorns on a chandelier necklace. You can find them all for sale on my ETSY shop here: