Nature Preserve nature Jewelry by israeli jewelry designer gur kimel

Nature Preserve unique nature jewelry, Real wooden pieces plated in Gold & sterling silver. Acorns, Pinecones, pecan nuts and much more, becomes magnificent nature jewelry while maintaining their natural look and beauty. Handmade by the designer Gur Kimel (28).
Gur designs nature jewelery from natural shapes, Exploring and collecting exceptional pieces in the Jerusalem hills woodland, urban Tel-Aviv, European forests and Scandinavian villages, Gur finds that nature tells a different story in each location, and this story changes again from season to season. No two pieces are the same, and consequently each piece is splendidly unique nature jewelry.
The combinations Gur creates between natural elements and gold or silver produce a thrilling contrast. The movement of a silver acorn in its wooden shell, the complex shape of a pecan, the pinecone’s natural position on a golden branch, all highlight the exquisiteness of nature’s creation and the unique beauty of the one wearing it.