About – Gur Kimel

I’m Gur Kimel a product designer from London, UK. Graduated B.Des. in industrial design at H.I.T Holon Institue of Technology. I started working with jewellery during my first year in design school and kept developing and innovating my Practice in that field.

Regarding product design I tend to work with classic materials, all kinds of metal, glass, wood, ceramics etc. Integrating craft with modern technologies and industrial manufacturing and also experienced in plastics and its manufacturing process.

In the working process, I combine craft with a high level of control in various software including CAD modelling, rendering, photo and video editing, all of which enables the creation of modern innovative design.

Designing, developing and manufacturing of my jewellery involved work within the practical sides of the business, process management, working with suppliers and customers (retail & wholesale), marketing and sales worldwide. The knowledge and experience I’ve acquired is a valuable practical experience, which regards procedures that reflect and indicates design as a business.

In recent years I’ve got involved in Agile and project management, leading teams to develop new products to market as a product manager and owner, practised the role of Scrum Master and acted as an agile advocate across startups in various phases of growth.

For more information about me or my professional experience and skills please feel free to contact me through LinkedIn or email gur.kimel@gmail.com

Gur Kimel.