Product Design

In product design, i tend to work with classic materials, all kinds of metal, glass, wood, ceramics etc. integrating craft with modern technologies, and industrial manufacturing. regarding product design, this is my main goal and aspiration. Modern design should keep the connection to the craft world, which is slowly disappearing, alongside all it’s amazing ability in: added value, marketing and manufacturing. modern Handmade is the future of product design

In the working process, i combine the craft hand work, with a high level of control in various software’s including : CAD modeling, rendering, photo and video editing.

Designing, developing and manufacturing of my jewelry, involved work within the practical sides of the design process, development managing, working with Suppliers and costumers(retail & wholesale), marketing and sales worldwide. the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired, is a valuable practical experience, which regards procedures that reflects and indicates design.

Upon finishing my product design bachelor degree, i travailed Asia to study jewelry design and silversmith. spending a long time in Rajastan, India. connecting with local silversmiths, and studying traditional silver smiting and jewelry design. as a product and industrial designer, i found amazing stuff are still handmade in Asia, while the west is slowly forgetting about handmade work.

in my final project in product design, i tried to connect to the crafts man inside me, through my grandpas legacy that was a metalsmith and worked with metal whole is life, and using his old workshop machines and tools , i created a modern piece of design, using only handmade work and old machinery. the whole product could be manufactured by me in the workshop, from raw material to a finished product ready to be used by the end costumer.

i find that for me the combination of modern technology and old craft creates the most interesting works.