Kimel Handmade – stainless steel utensils.

Handmade serving pieces in stainless steel. creating a new craft combining metalsmithing and jewelry making techniques.

Expanding the modern applications of several metalworking techniques.creating a new craft by combining coarse and fine metalworking. fabricating jigs to help improve final products, and applying the new craft in producing a set of kitchen utensils

Please watch the movie below, to learn more about the working process.

Some of the many jigs and manufacturing aids fabricated during this project, to improve accuracy and obtain some control on the final shape while still allowing the organic and unique shapes and bends of the steel.

IMG_1548-fix sfw 

This was my final project for a B.des. degree in industrial design at H.I.T Israel .

Please watch the video below, to learn more about the working process:

Kimel Handmade from gur kimel on Vimeo.

This project was also featured on an exhibition by the Israel design museum in Tokyo DesignTide :