Furniture design

Furniture designed and manufactured by me in the workshop, combining metal smiting and carpentry, most of which using parts found in scrap metal yards and reclaimed lumber, reusing and adding value by changing their original purpose or use, adding parts and high quality finish procedures making them a unique and beautiful pieces of modern design.

Coffee table made from stainless steel washing machine drum with added  stainless steel legs and a glass top.


Shelving unit from reclaimed lumber, using opposite angles while cutting the edges, allows for a unique chaotic structure while keeping each shelf straight and stable.

IMG_1405-fix IMG_1420-fix

Dinning table (210X85X74 cm) using iron parts from an old machine found in a scrap metal yard, adjusting the base to fit dinning table height and adding locking wheels to allow easy movement of the robust structure, the top is made from 8 mm thick tempered glass placed on silicon dots around the frame.

IMG_1456-fix IMG_1439-fix  IMG_1437-fix

Kitchen peninsula or bar table, made from American walnut, connecting to the doorpost and worktop creating additional work space and dining area. supported also by a stainless steel leg made by opening the edge of a stainless steel tube using a manual press machine.

IMG_1467-fix IMG_1469-fix IMG_1479-fix

Buugeng Juggling Toy for Speevers

This is one of many products developed and designed for Speevers, a China-Israel based company for juggling instruments and toys.

It features a line of LED’s controlled by a PCB to obtain several different light scheme, and connects through a micro usb socket to any computer to change, choose and download more schemes.

All those within a narrow and highly durable device (9mm) which allows more moves and juggling tricks, and while keeping a low overall weight to enable the user longer playtime .

Please view the video to see it in action:

IMG_0509-fix IMG_0515-fix


Within this project development we explored a wide variety of materials including: wood, carbon fiber, fiberglass, polycarbonate and more, finally choosing polycarbonate for it’s durability and strength.


Noam – a marionette with no strings

A marionette inspired by an israely classic kids song, the strings are hidden within the marionette pole, and oprated by bike brakes. the marionette changes moods (like the song) from happy to sad.

Please watch the movie bellow, Noam as all marionette is a great performer, and works much better on video.

בובת תאטרון בהשראת השיר “בואי גלי” בביצועו של נועם קניאל פסטיבל הילדים 1971



Kimel Handmade – stainless steel utensils.

Handmade serving pieces in stainless steel. creating a new craft combining metalsmithing and jewelry making techniques.

Expanding the modern applications of several metalworking techniques.creating a new craft by combining coarse and fine metalworking. fabricating jigs to help improve final products, and applying the new craft in producing a set of kitchen utensils

Please watch the movie below, to learn more about the working process.

Some of the many jigs and manufacturing aids fabricated during this project, to improve accuracy and obtain some control on the final shape while still allowing the organic and unique shapes and bends of the steel.

IMG_1548-fix sfw 

This was my final project for a B.des. degree in industrial design at H.I.T Israel .

Please watch the video below, to learn more about the working process:

Kimel Handmade from gur kimel on Vimeo.

This project was also featured on an exhibition by the Israel design museum in Tokyo DesignTide :

Souvenir from Jerusalem night life


This is a half shot cup, chaser as it’s called in Jerusalem, inspired by the Jerusalem night life in the shadow of the violence in Israel.

The main focus on this project was using the materiel to communicate with the viewer, the heavy opaque brass body that replaced the light translucent glass classically used in those cups, gives a serious and heavy feeling greatly fitting the subject.